I have been reminded lately about how often people turn over their personal power to others in ‘power’ Doctors, GP’s, Obstetricians, Dentists. There is definitely a place for them, but I feel we rely on them way too much.


When did we stop caring for ourselves? Stop taking on our health as our own responsibility? It’s too big a question to answer on here, but a great question for you to ponder yourself.


That’s why I love my business of selling essential oils. We have this amazing plant medicine at our fingertips in which we can turn to. I use them to own my power, to look after myself naturally & that of my family. And I also help others to find their own power & trust themselves to use the oils within their homes. It lights my heart to hear of others success stories.

Now I am entering the birth workers space again, it reminds me of how many women go in to pregnancy & birth with no self power, no autonomy over their body. They hand their body over to someone else during such a sacred time in their life.

This is where the role of the birth worker is so critical in helping women to find their own power. Showing women the choices they have for pregnancy, birth & aftercare. Dropping in one thought that may change the outcome of their birth & the direction that they follow in life.


If I can help women step in to motherhood feeling capable, confident & self assured. Oh how my heart would feel full.


I am now taking bookings for doula/birth work. How ever you are planning to birth, I can be there to support.


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