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First Step

By November 6, 2016BLOG, D.I.Y


I can clearly remember when Lee told me she wanted to invest $1500 of our money into an essential oil kit, I honestly thought we couldn’t afford it first of all and secondly I had no idea what, how and why they are used.  I started googling essential oils and in particular doTerra as a company, I guess I was trying to find justification for spending “that type of money” whatever that means!!

So I dug and dug and dug some more and for some reason I was disappointed to find everything I read, everything I watched and everything I listened to was positive, positive, positive, it was all good.  Imagine that, being disappointed about something being positive!!

So we parted with our hard earned cash and entered into the world of essential oils.

Lee was super stoked when the package arrived and I was a bit more like eehhh whatever, cool, yeah sweet babe, nice oils hey and for me they kinda sat on a shelf or in a box or somewhere, I am sure you could say I wasn’t really interested.

As we were starting our oil journey we were also running a Paleo/ Vegan organic cafe, I know, I know Paleo/Vegan? How does that work?  Well it’s a blend of both worlds and a big part of what we did was raw vegan cakes, slices and bliss balls, dessert type stuff, right.   And this is where the light bulb got turned on.   An epiphany if you will.

Lee made a cake which wasn’t anything unusual, in fact it was more than normal.  It was a raw chocolate and orange torte.  Now we had been mucking around with this sort of stuff for a while but fuck me!!  This cake was unbelievable, I remember thinking I could eat this whole cake if she let me, well at least half of it no worries.  It was simply divine and is still a part of our menu today.  The secret ingredient Wild Orange essential oil of course.  And so my eyes are fully open and receptive to essential oils right?  Heck Yeah!!  All of a sudden I was sticking oil in everything, smoothies, cakes, water and bliss balls, most times it was super successful although every now and then I went a touch over the top, my fennel and banana smoothie only got tried once.

So my journey began with a food experience and grew rapidly into just about all aspects of my life.  I use them for sleep, relaxation, focus, if I’m cranky, for motivation, if I have a crook belly, the list goes on and on, in our toothpaste, to smell good and of course in food.

Occasionally a drop or two of lime even gets put into a beer on a Sunday arvo!!


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