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So as you may have gathered I love food, who doesn’t right? But for a long, long time it really was the wrong kind of food.  For me it was heaps of bread, cereal, dairy, sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar.  As a kid I used to sneak the icing sugar container down from the top shelf and spoon the stuff straight into my gob.  I also went through a phase while working in construction where my breakfast consisted of  a can of coke and a mars bar.  These stories are not just one offs, my whole food life up until about 4 years ago pretty much was crap.

Fast forward to now and my diet is completely different, no dairy, no grain and sugar is avoided as much as possible, I use honey as a sweetener if needed now.

Why am I writing this stuff?  Why do you need to know my food journey and why would you even give a toss?

Well I guess I want to put it out there, that change can happen and it can happen to you, if you put your mind to it, it’s not that fucking hard!!

I was a five weetbix a morning kid growing up with cow’s milk and a dessert spoonful of sugar  for breakfast, a couple of sandwiches for lunch maybe a packet of chips, burgers, pies hot chips and deep fried sugar (I made that last one up)

So the point is change can be made!

Its granola with coconut milk a banana and goji berries with coconut yogurt instead now or maybe just simple straight up scrambled eggs, chicken and salad for lunch maybe?  I keep it simple and to be honest my taste buds have changed, evolved if you will or perhaps reverted back to what they should be.

The thought of having cows milk is now repulsive even cheese which was one of my all time favs doesn’t even interest me. I cant remember the last time I had a can of soft drink.  People say its hard or it’s too expensive and I reckon that’s a whole bunch of bullshit.  If you can afford to feed yourself and your family at Mcdonalds for fucks sake you can afford to buy and cook a chook with salad it’s god dam laziness that’s the problem and the negative “I cant do it mindset”

It’s not rocket science otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  Its taking small steps over time to train your mind and body.  I didn’t just go one day “you know what fuck it I’m just gonna stop eating bread and have roast chicken & avocado instead”  It takes time and persistence.  Start with simple goals, try getting through a day without eating bread, then a week, and then replace it altogether with maybe a gluten free wrap,  I don’t reckon you will stay on those things for long they taste like shit!  Small incremental steps were the key for me.  Do the same with everything else you stick in your mouth.  Try half halving your milk at first; by that I mean mix half cows and maybe half macadamia milk together or coconut.  The initial change is hard, when you first try almond milk you are more than likely gonna say it tastes like shit, it’s because you are used to drinking milk from a grass eating bovine.  Be persistent and change will happen and for the better.  Eventually over time things will start appearing in your pantry. There is stuff in our cupboard now that I wouldn’t have had a clue what it even was 2 years ago.  Nutritional yeast, Kim chi, Kombucha, Kelp noodles……..what the fuck???  I know what they are now and they are all awesome!!

You need to make change as easy and pain free as possible otherwise you are more than likely going to give up, that’s why small steps are the key.  If you have been smashing soft drink for the past 15 years it’s going to be real tough going cold turkey, don’t get too hard on yourself just gradually replace it with something better until you are drinking coconut water or kefir.

There is so much info out there these days, do yourself a favour and educate yourself for better health and a superior version of yourself.  Fill yourself with knowledge , if you don’t know any better you won’t change.

I used to eat rice bubbles in the morning as a kid sometimes; my way of eating them was to fill up a huge bowl cover them with milk then add sugar to the top, I would then scoop the very top layer of sugary bubbles off and eat them until the next layer revealed itself which of course needed another layer of sugar, this I did 3 or 4 times each time a new layer of sugar added until all I was left with was milk and sugar at the bottom which I gladly scoffed down. It’s actually making me feel sick writing this story down but I wanted to get my point across about what used to be my normal to what’s my normal now.  It can be done you just need small tweaks over time in mind and body.  It’s not too hard, maybe you are too set in your ways.  It’s not too expensive, maybe your priorities are wrong.

Your life does not get better by chance……It gets better by change.  “Jim Rohn”

Judge me if you will ………join me if you want



The Positive Propaganda Project

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OK, so I wanted my first ever blog to be just a quick explanation about why I decided to even start a blog and why I called it The Positive Propaganda Project.

This is my perspective or opinions on subjects with tips and hints of value that may interest you or not.  The purpose is to pass on some of my life experiences and journey that hopefully you find interesting, amusing, beneficial, real and authentic, and also give you the push to discover and question.

I am not an expert in any field other than life, My Life to be exact and this is where I draw my inspiration from.

My aim is to keep it real without sounding or coming across as a wanker. I am on a journey of self discovery, as you are, so I want  to learn and evolve with you as we go.  I’m sure some interesting subjects are going to come up with people having their own opinion which is great.  The goal of this project is to grow so the object is to be positive and look at the positives

So why the Propaganda Project?

I know when I first thought of the word propaganda, negative ideas were the ones that jumped into my mind.  So I got to thinking about it, then looked the word up and surprising as it may seem the definition of propaganda is:

“Information, ideas or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, and nation……….world??

So I want to spread positivity, I want to spread ideas, good positive ideas, good intelligent information.  I want to spread it deliberately and widely to HELP everyone.  I also want it to be a shortish read, so its quick and easy without boring you stupid by dribbling on with crap.  My time is important and so is yours.  Short, sharp, get my point across and give you ways to discover more if you wish, that’s the point.

Now I might not have the most elegant writing style and the cleanest mouth but its me, its my authentic self out in the open.

Judge me if you will!!

Join me if you want!!